Sunday, March 17, 2013

All kinds of monkey business

One of our largest gatherings of recent memory brought a couple new, if familiar, faces to Border Board Games on Saturday night.  We were pleased to have Lia travel from Burlington and Tim from up the road to join us for gaming mayhem.

The games started earlier in the day with twin tables of Battlestar Galactica.  In both cases the cylons failed to destroy Galactica as the humans limped back to earth.  There was no food, half the people had died en route to cylon attacks and fuel was running lower than the gas tank on a teenagers truck but for whatever reason people seemed happy.  The fleet felt more spacious than it had before and a can of jellied meat seemed to last longer these days....

After a delicious meal of pub fare (it being St. Patrick's Day weekend it just felt right), we headed down to the Derby Line Village Hall for gaming.  We had Beth running a table of Spin Monkeys, a new-to-our-collection product from Rio Grande Games that places monkeys in bumper cars running over fruit.  It never having hit the table before it was a completely new experience for Rob, the Mikes, Lia, Andrew and Beth.  It's a rather light game, as one might expect from the theme, but accommodated a lot of people and much hilarity ensued.

At the next table, and by special request, Dennis, Homer, Sue, Tim and I tackled Tammany Hall.  As was the case in our previous experience, Dennis and Homer quickly struck a devil's bargain.  Slippery Dennis was elected the first Mayor of New York only to face slander from every direction over the corruption of the worst police chief the city has ever seen (Homer).  Tricky Dick served the next two terms as mayor despite a steadily eroding voter base, swinging a deal with Slandering Sue. 

Once again, however, clean campaigning and skillful manipulation of immigrant populations helped the winner, Honest Tim, surge ahead at the polls and in the hearts of the Irish and Italians alike.  Clearly the protestants were not his power base.  despite having lingered in the back throughout much of the game both Tim and Sue rode waves of popularity to surge ahead of the embattled Tammany Hall veterans.  Sue's surge fell just shy but did enable her to go from a distant fifth to second place behind Tim's impressive victory.

Afterwards Mike O, Rob and I tried Rob's game Sentinels of the Multiverse, a superhero themed co-op game.  The game features a variety of different heroes each with their own respective power and equipment decks squaring off against a dastardly super villain and his minions.  We may have inadvertently extended the length of the game at one point but our trio of masked avengers seemed largely incompetent in terms of dealing the villain a mortal blow.  Next time Citizen time.

At the other table Andrew, St. Jay Mike, Beth and Dennis played Dominion.  Apparently Mike and Dennis were slightly soured on he game based on their original introduction to the game.  Having gone through the game with people willing to teach them instead of just beat them appears to have made new converts to the former Game of the Year.

Who knows what merrymaking will accompany the Border Board Games in April but I for one wouldn't mind tossing out a Uwe Rosenberg title onto the table.

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  1. I have yet to encounter a game capable of dislodging Dominion from Game of the Year in my heart.